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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in C.A.K.E.'s LiveJournal:

Thursday, November 27th, 2003
6:13 pm
A Slaughterhouse Production (no child will be left)
Close your eyes…hear the screams echo around the room and the blood flowing onto the marble floor....the almost silent sound of skin being opened with a knife....the misunderstood cries of the beast being slain....smell....the rotting meat and the blood drenched “furs”....feel....the flies buzzing around in your nose tickling and probing…the drops of blood slowly running down your face and circling around your lips....a cold wet hand grabbing your face ....stroking it...licking it...taste...the copper forced into your mouth by a stranger’s tongue....Open your eyes...see....what is left of the man in front of you as he smiles with those mold-coated-teeth...licking his bloody lips with great pleasure....the man...hanging behind him...missing valuable parts.

A place where the innocent are taken by the hair and scalped for their “fur”....and sold to their family for x-mass dinner...this is what Slaughterhouse is ...putting away the socket plugs and giving the child a fork... taking away all the useless boring detail and adding a little BOOM into the reader’s eyes.....taking an image and butchering the person’s mind as they try to find why they like something so revolting…ripping off the mask and showing the world something that is real....not a person with watered down thoughts molded to a shape that sells the most and attracts the most....but something that is banned and taken away from the kiddies because the parents are frightened of what it might do to their child’s simple pampered minds....

...........soon.........you will know more...............

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
2:42 am
Lets bring back the fans and die one more time for Old Man Time
Look at us now...

I point at you first because no one has more prolbems then the man with no legs in the swimming tornment.

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
11:55 pm
find my name at the bottom Adam E.

If the short sample of our movie gets peoples attention then wait till they see what I have in store for the movie.

Current Mood: artistic

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Saturday, May 31st, 2003
1:04 am
I Watch ...I Wait ...
Oh my... here we go again...a nother taste to taste another sucker to suck
with the pain in my eye i see no man that is better then I
with the pain in my gullet i find somthing new to feel
somthing new to grab and peel
whats that you say? Just a twitch in your finger an involuntry action?
Your action has took a life i hope you know
not just a life but a young and simple one
one that should of grown into a big strong life
one that should of had kids and a beautiful wife
yes..here you go ..at the alter again to pray
but you know that in Hell you will pay
Somthing for your soul to feed on is your reason
a stupid reason but a good one to clear your mind of anything sane..
what is this? Is that human flesh in that pot of yours?
small children you like to eat?
at least you waste none ...not even their dirty little feet
I watch as you gobbl it down
I bet its the finest meat in town
but I hope you know that it will all come back up when your a sleep
your stomach has standrds that are not that steep
but what can you say when spoiled young flesh digests in a place so free of choice
but you will gargl ..you will choke
in human stew you will soke (kiss my ass on the spelling it fits better)
because the lord has spoke
he came to me in a dream that showed me what i wanted...you ask what this was? I did not believe it at first but my body craved for it .. I felt it in my gullet
that taste...ooooh soo good...that smell... oooh soo good...thats right?
your flesh I will feast on tonight


(this came out pretty well i think...how about you????? I really dont know how I did it but I am amazed at myself!!! I went along with the words and didnt know wat i was saying but the end fits with the begining...huh...I even suprize myself!)
Oh yeah ...this communty is also for helping people
so EVERYONE in the community must comment on EVERYONE'S
and anyone who posts should say somthing at the end like how you felt when/after you wrote it and wat it means to you or somthing like that Hell ...im not your dad

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
3:37 pm
blows the wistle
Little Tubs walked up to the big hen and asked her where all the cookies went. "IN MY STOMACH" She screamed.
I did not get any ...i wanted some
The hen picked tubs up by his face and pecked his eyes out till the hen got too much blood in her nose. She sneeeeezd blood and snot all over Tubs. It was great...then the hen was slaughterd and We all ate Chicken for brunch.

the end

pms i dont know wat i was tryn to accomplish with this.

Current Mood: confused

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Friday, May 16th, 2003
12:24 am
Deja Vu
Jeremy walked into what he beleived to be his own home. The home in which he knew very much and loved. As he took his first step he got the feeling there was something wrong. Jeremy had been known of being able to sense something was wrong even before there was any sign of it. He noticed an awkward smell, a smell in which only the dead would notice as their own. He then decided to head towards the living room where to his disbeleif he saw his mother laying dead in a pool of blood. An axe was protuberating from her face like a freshly struck block of wood and where her stomache used to be was a gaping hole and all of her insides were missing. Jeremy almost fainted at the sight and ran out of the room crying and trying not to puke. He told himself this was just a dream and that none of it was real over and over. Then came a moaning noise from his parents bedroom at the end of the hall. Jeremy hesitated to go down there, he thought what ever had done this could still be in the house. After he fought his fears and decided that it very well could be his dad moaning in agony he inched his way down the hall. As he slowy opened the door he saw a much more horrifying site than before. His dads mangled body was hanging from the ceiling. Each limb had a hook through it and the hook was attatched to what he guessed to be his mothers intestines which were strung out to each corner of the room and nailed there. On his body were dangling organs with metal peices ran through them, each were attatched by hooks near the place they would actually be in the body. Every so often his father screamed in agony as he was slowly bleeding to death. Jeremy was devestated, so devestated he headed for his fathers gun room. When he reached the room he pulled out his fathers 9mm pistol and placed it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Jeremy then awoke screeming in fear. His parents rushed into his room and comforted him. Jeremy thought that was the most realistic dream he ever had. After a couple hours of letting his nerves calm down he finally went back to sleep. The next day Jeremy went to school and told his best friend Todd all about the dream. His friend stated "man thats crazy i hope i never have a dream that horrible." Then after school was finished Jeremy rode the bus home. As he was walking to his house he experienced deja vu, but he just shook it off because of the many times hes walked the sidewalk into his house. When he opened his front door he noticed a foul odor, panicing he ran into his living room. Only to find his mother with an axe in her face.

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Thursday, May 15th, 2003
5:01 pm
Death…life’s reward

As I stand on top of the world I can see how my body imbedded into the concrete effects the world.

The earth is fucked! So why should I live anymore?
The wind, it picks me off my feet and the earth sucks me to its surface. I feel my stomach trying to squeeze out my mouth. my eyes burn – I cannot close them – must see this hideous world so I can come to terms with leaving it.
The clouds whisper as I fall gracefully to the ground. They tell me I’m doing the right thing- That my death will destroy world.
Im almost there, what seems like a life time is only a few seconds. The road under me looks as if it is coming at me instead of me hurdling toward it.
I feel the shattered bones in my face. my right arm is now the only thing I can move.
Everyone goes mad..I feel my flesh (every bit of it) imbedded into every crack in the road. My jaw is in a million sharp pieces and I find that I can taste the dirt on the road along with my brain.

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Sunday, May 11th, 2003
3:23 pm
This Community is for anyone with talent to show their stories, poems, art, nightmares, or ideas
You MUST BE ORIGINAL ...I dont want any fucking poser basterds pretending they can write so people will think your "cool"
EVERYthing on this community must have something creepy, scary, sick, smart, or twisted

All I ask is for you to open your skull and let me see your beautiful brain.

To give this Community a nice look and FEEL download MORELIFE font...

search for MORELIFE FONT
click on the 6th link UNTITLED
unzip file
go to CONTROL PANEL and find your FONT FOLDER
drag unzipped file to FONT FOLDER
your done

have fun

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